Your home for indoor soccer and other indoor athletic activities in Bremerton and the wider Olympic Peninsula region. Home of the Oly-Pen Force Men's and Women's Amateur Soccer Clubs.

Adult programs

Adult indoor soccer league team photo
Ages: 18yrs+
Team sign ups: Open

Adult indoor soccer leagues

Bremerton Sports Center offers various adult indoor soccer leagues ranging in age and skill level. From beginner to advanced in both skill and age, there are leagues for everyone.

Current leagues start: May 5th, 2024
Current leagues end: June 30th, 2024
No games: July 4th, 2024
Team sign ups reopen: May 5th, 2024
Team sign ups deadline: June 30th, 2024
Next leagues start: July 7th, 2024
Next leagues end: August 25th, 2024

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  • Drop-in soccer match with three sets of players' legs shown going after tattered ball

    Note: outdoor cleats are not allowed in BSC.

    Ages: 18yrs+
    Sign ups: Open

    Adult indoor soccer drop-ins

    Various adult drop-in indoor soccer is offered for coed, women, and men at Bremerton Sports Center.

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  • Women training for soccer photo

    Note: outdoor cleats are not allowed in BSC.

    Ages: 18yrs+
    Sign ups: Open

    Novice adult training

    Run by our very own Bremerton Sports Academy, every Thursday, Bremerton Sports Center offers training geared toward individuals who are new to the game or those who want to work on the basics, including dribbling, passing, and shooting. The goal of our program is to have a fun and non-pressured environment, while working on your soccer skills.

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  • Youth programs

    Children, each with one foot on their soccer ball, participating in a Kickin' Krakens class at Bremerton Sports Center
    Ages: 18mo - 8yrs
    Sign ups: Open

    Kickin' Krakens

    For youth between the ages of 18 months to 8 years old, BSC offers the Kickin' Krakens classes to designed to provide a fun learning environment driven towards the improvement of balance and motor skills while introducing kids to the game of soccer.

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  • Kids playing indoor soccer
    Ages: 4 - 17yrs
    Team sign ups: Closed

    Youth indoor soccer leagues

    Bremerton Sports Center offers youth indoor soccer leagues for kids in the 4 to 17 year old age range and all skill levels.

    Team sign ups reopen: July 28th, 2024
    Team sign ups deadline: November 23rd, 2024
    Kick-Off Tournament: November 23rd, 2024
    Next leagues start: December 7th, 2024
    Next leagues end: January 25th, 2025

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  • All ages programs

    cornhole participants
    Ages: All ages
    Sign ups: Open

    Cornhole drop-in

    Currently offering open drop-in cornhole events at Bremerton Sports Center on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. Sign ups are handled by Kitsap Cornhole. Please inquire with them if you would like to play.

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  • Services

    field 1 with bowling pins and kids

    Field and party room rentals

    Three indoor fields and two party rooms are available for rent for games, team practices, and other events. To request your desired field or party room time, email or contact us.

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  • Home Team

    oly-pen force with star wars light sabers
    Oly-Pen Force logo

    Oly-Pen Force

    Organized amateur men's and women's indoor soccer clubs using the center as their home field.

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