Facility Rules

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and rain free environment where friends and families from our community can get together and have a good time participating in recreational events at a reasonable cost. Our fields are completely enclosed. As such, it is required that our patrons adhere to the following basic safety rules as a minimum:

  1. No outdoor cleats are allowed on the fields.
  2. No food or drinks are allowed on the fields.
  3. No sliding is allowed on the fields.
  4. No spitting on the fields, WE WILL EJECT YOU!
  5. Respect other patrons; NO FOUL LANGUAGE!
  6. For soccer leagues and related events: SHINGUARDS ARE REQUIRED!

Those in violation of the above rules may be asked to leave the facility. Your participation is welcome and appreciated. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to see our Guest Services staff for assistance or email

Have fun, keep it safe, and enjoy yourself in the spirit of the game.

Adult Soccer League Rules

Bremerton Sports Center uses the "Official Rules of Indoor Soccer" as published by the USIndoor Sports Association as the base for our rules of play. We extend those base rules with League Rules listed below.

Please email with any questions or concerns about our rules.

The Players

All leagues will play 5-v-5 plus a keeper for a total of 6 players on the field per team during each game. Coed Leagues will be required to have a minimum of 2 female field players at all times.

Substitute Players (Subs)

A substitute player (sub) is a player who is not rostered on the team they would like play for, but has received permission from the team to play for the team temporarily for a given game. Prior to the sub playing, a sub must obtain a "sub slip" from guest services for each game they plan on playing in (fee(s) may apply). The sub slip for each game must be provided by the sub to the referee of the game they plan on playing in before that player steps foot on the field.

A sub slip may only be obtained by a player who does not have an outstanding account balance owed to the facility and whose membership is current and in good standing. A sub slip will not be issued to a player is currently suspended or not allowed back in the facility (e.g.: a player who is serving a Red Card suspension).


Shinguards are required for all play.

No dangerous objects (hard casts without padding, jewelry, watches or other objects that could injure). This includes fitbits and fitness watches. (These may be worn under a wrist band). If you don't have a wrist band and want to wear your watch/fitness tracker, you will be able to purchase a wrist band at Guest Services.

Cleats are not allowed on our indoor playing surfaces. Turf shoes, tennis shoes, and indoor shoes only.

Duration of the Game

Games on the large fields consist of two, 22.5 minute halves. Field 1 will kick off on the hour, Field 2 on the 1/4 hour.

Free Kicks

Penalty Kicks will be taken at the top of the arch with all other players behind the attacking line. Penalty kicks will be given if:

  • A foul in the box is committed by the last defender.
  • A foul in the box is committed that warrants a time penalty.

All other fouls in the box will be a free kick at the top of the arch with a wall allowed.

All opponents must be 15 feet from the ball on all restarts.

On keeper restarts or free kicks in the defensive arch, the opposing team must be 15 feet away from the arch until the ball is in play.


You may not go to the ground with any part of the body in order to play the ball. No sliding, no sliding kicks, and no sliding blocks. If in the opinion of the referee, you could not play the ball without going to ground, a foul will be called.


Intimidation Rule

Note: this rule applies to only Women's C and all Coed levels.

Any player taking a forceful shot above the waist of any other player and striking OR intimidating that player will have a foul called.

Continued use of extreme and uncontrolled force will result in time penalties to the discretion of the official.

Mercy Rule

When a team falls behind by 5+ goals, they will have the option to add one field player until the goal differential is 4 goals or less. If a time penalty is given to that team, they will take the additional field player off. If the goal differential drops below 5, the time penalty must still be served in full and an additional player must be removed.

In Coed Leagues, the player taken off must still meet with the 2 female field player minimum.


Blue Cards are for serious or persistent violations of the rules.

Yellow Cards are a warning that the next card displayed will be red.

Red Cards are disqualification from the game.

Time Penalties

A 2-minute time penalty will be given for Blue Card offenses.

Goal keepers must serve their own time penalties.

A player receiving 2 Blue Cards will be shown a Yellow Card, notifying them that their next card will be red.

If a player receives an accumulation Red Card (three Blue Cards in one game) the player is ejected and the team will have a 2 minute time penalty.

Any player that receives a straight Red Card will be ejected from the game and the team will serve a 5-minute time penalty in full regardless of whether or not the other team scores.

There will be no delayed penalties. If a situation warrants a time penalty, the referee will give it at that moment regardless of an advantage situation.

Goal Keepers

Goal keepers must release a Keeper Restart outside of the arch for play to begin.

Keepers will have 5 seconds to put the ball in play outside of the arch on any stoppages.

Keepers will have a 5 second limit on ANY possession inside the arch whether with the foot or hand. Failure to get the ball out of the box in 5 seconds will result in a free kick for the opponents at the top of the arch.

Suspensions and Ejections

Any player receiving a Red Card is required to leave the facility immediately.

Red Cards will be assessed a mandatory 1-week suspension from all play at the facility.

All Red Cards will be reviewed by management and additional fines and/or suspension time will be added within 5 days of the incident.

Fighting and trying to instigate a fight will not be tolerated and will carry heavy suspensions and fines.